Landing without engine question

hey hey everyone I was solo with my Finnair A321 when I decided to land at EVRA with two engine failures I thought if it was allowed to do that as an expert server with an atc on a server rather busy during the week (no FNF) and able to manage to land without crashing and killing all passengers

IFATC has no way of knowing you are declaring an emergency. These flights are best suited for Casual or Solo to minimize the impact to others.


Dead stick landings is something we regularly practise. You can PFL into a bit of open country side or onto a runway. Any quiet airport should be fine i doubt it’d matter that much which server your on if it’s a airfield with no one around

I’ve seen videos on expert server where people declare emergencies and get vectored for landing with only a check tutorials warning. I won’t be surprised if you’re getting ghosted.

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The only emergency that exists is low fuel and it can only be used in certain scenarios to prevent abuse.


Forgot to state that. I meant apart from the emergency fuel

Yes definitely don’t do that. You’re just gonna get ghosted.

on Monday i flew from GMMN to YSSY on Expert i was packed whit 100% Fule on the 787-9 Qantas. As i near YSSY i had to declare Emergency Fuel i git vectored to yssy and on final than it happened 0% Fuel so my thrust were gone i had to glide the last nm’s it workedt i stalled above the beginning of the Runway but i survived and i didn’t got ghosted. But to mention don’t force this than i think you will be definitely be ghosted.

link to my landing at YSSY:


Damn I don’t think the plane would’ve survived that landing

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I agree. You won’t want to be reported or something. I experienced that first hand.

Yeah it was an -1000vs “Landing”

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Alright thanks everyone, I didn’t mean to do this kind of landing without information. I will not try anything because 10 months without an expert server is not great. Thank you everyone I hope in the future that emergency scenarios will be there with a lot of callout!

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Dang. Definitely a hard landing. Not enough speed to pull up anymore?


If you really want emergency scenarios, make sure you voted for this feature request: