Landing with the live cockpit

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I normally use the HUD whenever landing because I have the FPV, which helps with landing.

I am wanting to move on to live cockpits but how am I supposed to land if there’s no FPV on the live instruments? I personally cannot land well without it because I can’t see my predicted reference point of flying.



Practice, practice, and practice. Find an approach speed that works, and find the nose angle that you want on your approach. One you’ve found that, it comes down to repetition.

Practice keeping your speed, and staying on the glideslope.

Also, look outside! It’s a common issue with simulator pilots that they don’t look outside the aircraft. Use your visual references to help you (PAPI, Horizon, etc.).


There is no FPV on the instruments (which is accurate irl) so you’re going to have to follow the ILS and eye it.


I should’ve rephrased my question:

How do I find the perfect touchdown ( Airbus retard) angle? After all there are many factors that can effect this so I don’t think that practice can help much because it’s unpredicted :)

Not really. Airbus has the Option to toggle FPV on



Practice is everything in this situation. You need to understand how the aircraft flies in order to get the best results. Personally on my flare, I don’t even look at the instruments, I look at the horizon and focus protecting the nose wheel. Look at the end of the runway, and continue to apply controlled back-pressure until you touch down.

It comes down to a good approach. If you approach at an accurate speed and glideslope, you will have a lot less trouble with your flare.


  1. Protect the nose
  2. Look down the runway
  3. Apply controlled back-pressure
  4. Watch the horizon

Great tips, I’ll surely use them. Thanks a lot!

Some tips that work everytime :

  1. Disconnect the AP as soon as you have a good visual on the runway
  2. Keep your eyes on the touchdown area
  3. Near 50ft, focus your eyes on the end of the runway
  4. Don’t over correct (mainly before touchdown)
  5. Don’t look at the screens other than to check speed, check the PAPI if unsure about the glideslope

It works for me, hope it does for you


Thanks for the tips! 👍

Also, align the green diamond with the pink line as that will help you with the centreline

The green diamond represents the heading that you’re tracking on, and the pink line represents the runway heading. In other words, the green diamond represents the heading you’re flying to.

You can hardly see it, it’s not really helpful

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Use all tips stated above, but start small. Like C172 or TBM to get a feel of it. Then if you are ready for the commercials, start on the A318 G-MISH for the best luck

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I have no trouble seeing it


Center line is not the problem, in fact I can keep it very well. It’s just the flare that is unpredictable in my opinion so I need to see or use the FPV somehow.

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I did not no that. Either way, use the ILS. Use the PAPIs

PAPI doesn’t help with flare, it helps with the glide slope 😉

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Yes and no. I find that once I get lined up I’ll turn the HDG mode on then I only have to focus on my touchdown rather than both that and center line.


For me, I prefer disconnecting Autopilot at 5 nmi DME. This enables me to fully familiarise with what the aircraft is doing, sort of ‘feeling’ the aircraft. With this it becomes easy to conduct instrument approaches(especially ILS) as there would be room for correction as compared to disconnecting AP at 200ft AGL.

At this point as @Q-ENAN has said, monitor the PAPI and the touchdown zone using only the instruments to check for speed. You would want to cross the threshold at 50ft and gently flare(A sudden flare would lead to a ‘long landing’ aka float which eats up landing distance)

My recommendation is to practice on both instrument and visual approaches.

Best of luck

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I should have added :

You may experience some unspeakable impact with the runway, but don’t worry, it gets better with time 👍