Landing with F16

It’s so hard to land with F16. Too sensitive to control well.

If you’re good at flying with it, I want to know how it does well.

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I think this is a question that @Nate_Schneller can answer. Personally I don’t fly fighter jets that much.

Usually the touch down speed is at 160 knots IAS. As with all fighters is the case you don’t want to rush things 😉 give it a go and have fun flying the F-16!

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Flaps at 30… trim at +60… For speed it depends on weight. I keep armament at 0 and fuel I usually have less than 50%. I usually start my flights with 50% fuel, unless I’m going far. But for an hour or so flight time I’ll only take 40-50%. Which keeps my landing speed at 125-130ias. I usually keep IAS at 140 until almost flare then let it drift down to 130.
At this point keep the aircraft in flare attitude with thumbs on rudder and throttle. Add throttle in small short bursts (this will take practice) to keep the decent rate good.
Your mains will touch down first, use rudder to keep on centre, and usually as soon as my nose touches, I retract flaps to 20 or 10 to destroy lift asap. This will keep the aircraft from tipping to one side or the other. When aircraft is heavier I use all the same procedure except increase speed. And maybe more trim.
One last thing… the aircraft doesn’t like to slow down… if you come in high on the glide slope or too fast you will need to use the airbrake all the way to touch down.
Been flying the F16 pretty much exclusively
for almost a year now and found this to be the smoothest way to bring it in. Good luck.


Buena explicación gracias lo intentaré

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@IFFM_jhon_Garcia Buena suerte

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