Landing with auto pilot not auto land

When I’m on final approach sometimes instead of auto-land I’ll land with the autopilot when I’m lowering my altitude with vertical speed control, about 100 feet altitude I’ll lower my altitude to zero and also I continue to lower my altitude with vertical speed control on autopilot and aircraft still continues to climb. WHY IS THIS??? Once again I’ll lower my altitude with vertical speed control sometimes reaching -7000 feet and aircraft still continues flying when it should touchdown on runway by this time, WHY DOES AIRCRAFT KEEP FLYING??? Thanks.

Don’t use the standard autopilot to land - it doesn’t work properly. Either use APPR or land manually.


As @BennyBoy_Alpha said, it’s not a very realistic way to land. But in theory one should be able to do it.

I was curious what exactly you were trying to explain, because I can’t seem to make the aircraft not land, using the vertical speed control? It just doesn’t want to keep flying, if you’re anywhere near landing speed and you have dialed a reasonably small VS into the AP just before touchdown.

I also cannot replicate this issue on my end.

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Do you idle the engines once you’re 30ft above the runway? If you don’t idle them, you’ll float down the runway due to ground effect.

By zero altitude, do you mean 0 feet set in the autopilot, because the autopilot can only be set to even hundred foot steps.

I’m not sure the autopilot will continue to descend below ground level, I’ve never tried.

Autopilot altitude is MSL altitude, not altitude above ground.

You can set it to odd hundred foot steps too, like 1500 ft, which is the standard pattern altitude AFL for jets.

I don’t understand what your tryna say here but I struggled with landings until I watched the infinite flights appr video, it has helped me massively, arm appr just outside localiser and once captured the GS I disarm everything when I want and enjoy and nice landing :)

When I try to activate ILS or APPR it won’t come on do I need to file a flight plan and fly online??

If you would like to nail down what you describe I’d strongly recommend a screenshot showing hud view with AP buttons in view.

I’m not confident ground effect is the cause, but it is hard to tell without visual evidence such as a video or screen shot.

For more info on how to land or use APPR, please see the video tutorials below.

Briefly about availability of APPR:

  1. you need to select the airport and select an ILS
  2. be within the “capture” approach angle and height for the chosen runway
  3. be in an aircraft capable of APPR mode
  4. be under MLW (max landing weight)
  5. be under the max speed for an ILS approach

How To Land Perfectly in Infinite Flight - YouTube

Autoland (APPR) Tutorial - YouTube

How do you even land with auto land?


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