Landing with APPR

I have a doubt. When I was landing the runway was red, so I couldn’t land on this runway. However this was the only runway with the available nav 1. I do not understand.

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The runway coloring is simply based off of calculations. The winds are given in IF, and if a certain side of the runway is green, that means it is the most favorable side to land on. Orange means it’s semi-favorable, and red means it’s unfavorable. HOWEVER - the runway colors are not gospel. They’re simply calculations.

A red runway does not mean the runway is closed.

If you’d like to land on a runway with a red color, then go ahead! What I find works the best is using the runways that the real world airport is using at the current time. To check, simply go to FR24 or a comparable service and look at which way(s) departures are leaving and arrivals are, well, arriving. You can also check the airport’s ATIS frequency if the airport is on LiveATC. Don’t forget to use Unicom to announce your intentions to other pilots, or if there is active ATC, to follow their instructions.

I hope this has helped. If you need any more help, feel free to ask!


Thank you.

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