Landing with a crowd! FNF

Did two flights to today’s FNF, Abu Dhabi.

The pics are the second flight, it’s pretty short.
Route: Riyadh [OERK] > Abu Dhabi [OMAA]

The flight went really well until I forgot to descent at the correct distance from the airport and had started my descent about 55nm. Eventually I had to descend by doing few rounds as I was wayyyyyy too high.

Short final, the landing could have been better and I somehow missclicked on parking brakes which my Aircraft instantly stopped after about 10 seconds from touching down. It was pretty embarrassing as this is in Expert Server and I was acting like a clown from a Casual server. That aside, here are the pics!


Hey there, those are some cool pictures, but please remember next time to get rid of your HUD and the names as well, thank you :)


Next time is ideally this time. 🙂 You only have to go back into the replay to get the same shot!


Jealous, I landed in Abu Dhabi early this morning and there was only a small crowd; I like seeing the big crowds like this, especially during FNFs!

And as said above, make sure you follow the guidelines and that none of your pictures have your HUD or any names, your first pic doesn’t follow these guidelines.

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Yeah, both of my long hauls unfortunately didn’t have ATC ☹. Got absolutely blown away by Ghamz’s operations. About 540,000.

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Why is there an Aeroflot 737 there?

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Oh yeah, apologies. Thanks for correcting me, I’ll make sure to not include them the next time.


I was your controller😁

Thanks for popping by!


No ATC when I landed in AUH either, and it was a long haul, I took off from Manchester. Had to do a 360 because people doing right traffic decided to use 31L instead of R, and I was making left traffic for L so I had other planes trying to get in front of me, that was fun haha