Landing when Runways doesn't have ILS

Can anyone help me out with how to land on runways which doesn’t have ILS.
If anyone has videos or tutorial link, please share

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Fly it with a flight plan, or as a visual approach.

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Normally I adjust my heading to match the runway upon approach! I use to make my extremely accurate flight plans! ❤️

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@EyesSkyward thank you so much…


Look for the red and white lights next to the runway, usually near the TDZ.


We only have two lights in IF.

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There is 4 in total one on left and right

You could do a visual approach as demonstarted here!

Same applies. Red is low, white is high. One red and one white means you’re on glideslope.


Not entirely true. Some airports have more than others and are edited by IFAET accordingly. :)


Oh, okay .

I honestly never use ILS, I always go Visual or FPL

I’m always confused about the FPL approach, do you guys mark the points on the approach angle towards the runway and adjust as needed?

lowkey I don’t know what an FPL approach is

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This means I don’t use it, it was a lie

I know. That my friend, is a bruh moment.

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Flight plan approach? I think it’s where your approach is in your flight plan. Like, hm. If your airport has a certain approach path to follow you put it into your flight plan. Where your approach is in your flight plan I think is the overall.

Not really. They’re just 2 VASI’s placed next to each other. They don’t work the same as a standard 4-lense PAPI ;)

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Oh yeah I know then

You could also fly an RNAV approach, I use these 99% of the time when there’s isn’t ILS. Basically, like this ‘fpl’ Approach that people are talking about (not really an official type of approach,) the aircraft follows a set of waypoints along the extended runway centerline. Secondly, these waypoints have altitudes next to them (in the chart) so you know at what altitude you need to be at when you get to each waypoint. If you download the app infinite flight assistant, you gain access to VNAV. This is Vertical Navigation. Basically, it will pick up on the waypoints in your in-game flight plan and you can set different altitudes to each one. This means that the aircraft will automatically fly to that altitude for each waypoint, calculating the perfect vs accordingly. If you have this, then there are two main possibilities:

• An RNAV approach with NO runway waypoint
• AN RNAV approach WITH a runway waypoint

If there is none, you can use the A/P until the final waypoint in the approach and continue visually.
If there IS a runway waypoint, then autopilot can automatically fly the aircraft down as you would’ve set that waypoint to be the runway elevation. Disengage the autopilot at minimums (decision altitude) and here, make a decision if you will continue the approach ( based on if you have visual contact with the runway or not.) This applies for the first example too, just that you will be forced to go visual a few nm earlier.

This doesn’t mean that you need to use A/P until minimums/final waypoint in the approach. If you are visual with the runway, feel free to disengage it early and land visually.

Last but no least, if you don’t have access to the app, you can also fly RNAV approaches fully by hand (won’t be as accurate.) You can use the ‘NAV’ function to follow the runways waypoints and then descend to the altitudes listed on the chart for each one. This should set you up nicely and can be very useful in lower visibility.

Hope this helped! InsideFlight