Landing w/ Cockpit View

I just thought of an interesting question to bring up on the forum. I just wanted to know if anybody used cockpit view to land or takeoff… I’m aware that the cockpit view increases realism in the sim but I’ve found it a lot harder to land using it. Just want to hear everyones opinion on when or if they use this view while flying or if you use HUD.


I always use cockpit view.


Cockpit or HUD view?

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I use HUD view but I want to try to use cockpit view to land.


I’ve tried using cockpit view to land instead of HUD but I guess you have to get used to it before you can get a good landing in

I use cockpit view with the HUD alot of the time but I’m trying to practice without the HUD


I always use cockpit view for landing and takeoff.


Do you use it while flying too?

It isn’t that hard. Cockpit view has the HUD enabled too, so its easy to get accustomed to it.


Yep you do.

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Thanks for the feedback guys!


I also use Cockpit view

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I use HUD for landing

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I always use the Cockpit view😄

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Always cockpit view.

Always use cockpit view for flying, from time I start my takeoff roll until all wheels are back on the deck. Always use HUD though, otherwise couldn’t fly it. Even if they had the cockpit instruments working would still use the HUD…my eyes ain’t good enough to see the details otherwise on an iPad!

yes, although I do switch between the different cameras during cruise

Cockpit view HUD off unless in IMC

Am I the only one that uses HUD for takeoff and landing?

Whilst taxing I use the cockpit :)

Cockpit view gives you a great experience…
…I love to “feel” the turbulences in the newer airplanes and not to “feel” a hard landing :)

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