Landing VS Tab

Are you among the pilots who don’t use LiveFlight connect? Do you want to know your landing vs even if you don’t have LiveFlight connect? Well…

This feature is to request for a landing vs tab on the bottom of the screen and perhaps it would go with the category with “yoke”, “flight time”; basically, the furthest to the right.

Of course we all want to grease the landings every time, but wouldn’t you want to know your landing vs to improve next time?

I’m sure some of you want to know!

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Yes Yes Yes! This is what we need - and this is something that we have needed for a while.

You have my support!

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This is something I’d definitely like to see in the future of the sim.

You’ve got my vote!


Out of vote but yes, this and TD G’s! Thanks!

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This would be pretty cool. You have my vote😀

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This would be great. You have my vote!

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You can use IFOps to get a full account of your takeoff and landing data!

It’s quite detailed and is going to be out for Android relatively soon from what I heard.

No I sugested to not be a #thirdparty thing but to actually be in IF itself.
the purpose is to make it more assessable without having to leave IF

I think it would have to be a pop up then-or register in the replay. If I can spring a vote I will.

IFOps doesn’t work for me. I have an Huawei and it’s shuts every app that’s in the background down after a couple of minutes. So, it would be awesome to have this in the app.

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Well you should talk to @epaga about that as the Android version is still in beta testing and there may indeed be a fix for the issues you’re having.

I already talked to him, (but for IF-A) and it still doesn’t work. I also tried
but as you see, it doesn’t really work:

Can’t help you there I’m all on iOS. Good luck getting it fixed up-there MUST be some kind of way to do it!

Thanks, but there actually isn’t a way to solve it. 😂😂

Get a new device? I know it’s not practical…

I purchased it a couple of months ago. Not going to buy a new one ;).
But let’s not get off-topic. 😁

There’s already a topic on this:

Didn’t find this but ok then.

So much for this one I guess