Landing VS of 787-10


I am new here. Just installed IF for a week. I would like to know if aiming for <400ft/m for the last 100 ft before landing is realistic?My setup as attached. The reason for aiming for this figure is to have a smooth landing for the comfort of passengers. ☺️


Usually -200 and below is the best :)


Usually I would use -800/-1000 (Max -1400). Once detected the Glideslope, I would reduce it to -500 once reaching the glideslope altitude until I disengaged the A/P. Maybe someone can mention the correct one?

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Actually, I fly manual all the way(only landing scenario). I find it hard to get <400ft/min. Sometimes I am able to hit that figure with a squeeze of power at 30-50Agl. Mind you, I am not a professional pilot, just a person with interest in flying. Also would like to mention I have a crosswind of 10kn…and I setup my plane >mlw(heavy). Hope to get some pointers. I read that a flare of 2°is fine? Can I flare more to slow down the descent? What’s the limit before I get a tail strike ?


-150 FPM would be pleasant


As smooth as possible.

Noooooo waaaay…


Smoother the better one thing that may help ya and it helped me as well when I first started. When on your final and you have the correct glide slope use your throttle to control rest of your decent down by gently applying power or reducing. Once your over your marks of the runway at ten ft or so reduce power to zero. You can land less than -80fps at times. Also check out the YouTube videos that @Mark_Denton and @Tyler_Shelton ha created they have great tutorials on the aircraft and other features in infinite flight.

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I always at 400 feet in 1 NM left to the runway. Sometimes i land it with 145 knots or 152 knots with 5° VS. Just practice it in Fly Solo.

The 787-10 is an interesting aircraft to land. Your gonna want to come in at a high speed because you shouldn’t be flaring over 4 degrees

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You should be aiming for a 250fpm dntesce at 135 knots, and NEVER be landing above mlw, as that would break the landing gear

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Thanks Sapper! I’ve been going through Mark’s video since I started playing IF.


Thanks Insertusernamehere. I have adjusted the weight to below mlw and found the plane is more controllable now when in air. I could pitch it up and down using throttle alone. But I’m still having about -400fpm during landing. Please see if my flaring and AS is ideal? image

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Hi Dhops, how high is high? 160kn?

Another landing… This time at around - 100fpm.

Yea, I just tried it at MLW and 160 seemed to work well

You always want your passengers to have the smoothest ride in :)

Had another ‘good’ landing at ~-200fpm☺️ . What trim settings are you using? I tried +5° trim.

Watching back Mark’s tutorial on takeoff and landing of 787-8. He achieved around - 300fpm descent right before the wheels touched the ground with mlw and no wind. Do let me know how to achieve <-100fpm before touch down?