Landing Violation. On Europes highest Mountain.

Do you know that moment when you want to climb a mountain, but you don’t have any gear except the Piper Super Cub in your backyard? Well, these guys do.

Two Swiss pilots decided it would be a great idea to fly their Piper Super Cub to the summit of Europes highest Mountain, Mt. Blanc, in the French Alps. Without permission.

They flew their plane up to 4450m and landed close to the summit with the plan to climb the mountain from there. Well, they were caught and were forced to depart again. Both French and Swiss authorities opened an investigation against both pilots.

I mean, it’s quite impressive to manage landing in such a place. But why?


I wouldn’t be surprised if they did it for money. Maybe they had a rich friend who offered them a large amount of money if they did that, maybe they were intoxicated and took a stupid dare, maybe they did it as a publicity stunt to make their company (if they have one) look cooler. I don’t care if they go to jail, I’m just glad that no one got hurt.

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The why question is easy. they did not want to climb the mountain from the bottom.

When I first saw the title, I thought you were wanting to reverse a violation that you received on Europes highest mountain lol.


I thought that too @tyleraviator99. But I can’t believe someone would do this and without permission makes the 2 pilots sound really dumb.

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I’ve actually done this in Infinite Flight :D

That was a stupid move, what if they had tried to depart and had a fatal accident? Whoever forced them to depart the plane off a mountain should receive consequences as well!

in the end they are on the ground hopefully at a proper airport this time safe.

As stated in that article, it was a violation of safety measures in place for that mountain. I guess the authorities though that an avalanche could have been created from the Super Cub landing on the summit. That sounds somewhat reasonable.

How do you think they planned to get the plane out of there after their climb?


They likely would have flown it out anyways

But at least if something happened to go horribly wrong then whoever forced them to takeoff wouldn’t be in serious trouble.

I can’t get over how they’d force them to do such a dangerous stunt

They would have to takeoff regardless obviously. It’s a non issue :)


Just a couple guys which wanted to have fun…i don’t see this too dangerous

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If more guys started having fun with their planes, i think it can become very dangerous

You guys making it seem worse than it really is…and so what if it’s a plane…doesn’t mean it’s dangerous…These people most likely had safety measures for there selves. And if they wan’t to risk there own lives…then idk…

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As long as they are not putting other people in danger other than themselves, I’m very much happy for them to do that.

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If landing a plane 4450m on the side of a snow-covered mountain is ok… fine then. Who am i to judge them after all

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