Landing -Violation Grade1&2

Hey I got this last night it was my first time playing in the training server and I went over 250kts at a low altitude I was correcting it but it kept giving me violations. So the following posts are my stats, I’m very confused about all of this.image image

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you have to wait 24 hours before the violations are reset

you have more violations per day than allowed, you have to wait 24h

On Training and Expert we have areas where you can get violations. It’s a basically a penalty.
This doesn’t exist on Casual, and many who become Grade 2, fly on Training, without studying the key info first.

This is how you can get violations:

Violations are system generated and will never be deleted, they stay on your account. But they do have an expiry time of 24 hours. After this, you are back to the Grade you were on, which is depending on the other variables of course.

You joined this forum because of this issue, as do many. Since you’re here, welcome!
Please have a look around; there’s tons of good info here: aircraft handling, working with ATC and much much more. Have a look, and start here:


Fly best 245 Kias and not 250Kias

This post by DeepCrusher might help too, it’s a guide to reading the grade table:

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