Landing up

I’m grade 3 and all set for a level up apart from my landings :( What do you suggest as the best aircraft and airport for doing circuits?

Airport doesn’t really matter however for aircraft I would recommend the SR22, C208! (Some people also like using the super decathlon).


I would recomnend Edwards AFB, also known as KEDW. Lots of runways that You can strategically maneuver around, getting 5 landings in about 10 minutes.

will look at that now 👍 on expert

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For aircraft, I would recommend my trusty CCX as it is very easy to do smooth landings with.

I would recommend against Edwards, it has a lot of runways but they are not parallel and are all very long. I would recommend an airport with two close together parallel runways like KSUS or KSSC. Then take the CCX, SR22, or 208 and just flip a u turn at the end and land on the opposite runway.

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Started on 55. 30 mins at Edwards and now at 71

What’s the landings for grade 5?

It’s 750 landings plus a vio/landing ratio of 0.05 or less in the last 12 months. I recommend KDEN as you can hop between the runways very quickly it’s normally 10 landings in 10 minutes

Got everything apart from the landings. That’s really high amount oh my days @AndrewWu

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It is quite cool to fly with the C172 however it is a bit difficult because it is unstable, I recommend flying with C Citation X !! If you want to do a more challenging circuit recommend SBRJ (Rio de Janeiro) in Brazil or SBSP (São Paulo) in Rio de Janeiro has the smallest runway for commercial aircraft landing in Brazil is quite cool !!

When I want to have fun I go to KPIT and take off runway 28R do a U turn land runway 10R do another U turn, land 28R and repeat, realy good challenge win a little prop somthing, probably best to do it on casual since it is not realistic in the least…

I used the A330 at EDDF.

Just want the best to get the landings up

Will do. no one is using the airport so I’ll stay on expert

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If you can join, would be cool. i’m there now

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This has already been asked and answered plenty. If you search for something more descriptive than “landing up” such as “airports for patternwork” you can find these threads

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Ah, bummer I must have missed you, I just finished up another flight…

Hope you had fun!

Very sorry @Tim_B. I apologise for my actions

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I’ll got back there around 1930 BST