Landing tutorial needed

I have been playing IF lately and I notice that I always bounce whenever I try to land. My speed is correct and I feel my approach is also on the glide slope. Can anyone help me,thanks .
Also if you wish, please put in a tutorial for landing the a380 as it my favourite aircraft.

P.S. I am only a beginner and I am gradually learning the game, so please don’t be harsh.

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Hopwe anyone answers.


Take a look through the category and you’ll be able to find some nice tutorials!

I’ve been trying to find an A380 tutorial but I cant seem to find one…


Maybe try to lift your house higher when you are about to touchdown. When you hear the ‘50’ callout reduce your thrust to 0% and gradually lift your nose up. This should result in a soft, no-bounce touchdown:)

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Thanks a lot

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Here is The YouTube Videos I’d Tutorials to landing and takeoff!

But most importantly practice is the main one.

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Hello. In this topic you can find great tips that may help.


If you are bouncing, here are several possibilities:

  • overflare/too agressive flare
  • not arming spoilers
  • too fast on touchdown
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@PilotAtWork380. MaxSez: An Airplane is an Airplane big or small they have similar aerodynamic characteristics. Each have flap settings, speeds and angle of attach for landing and take off. So know your aircrafts capabilities which can be found in the Tutorials or via Google. Here’s a video by UTube which is an excellent visual source.
All things considered “Practice makes Perfect” on the kiddie Server.


(A TOUCH DOWN TAKES 2 STEP “ Round Out then Flare”!)


Thanks all aviation geeks!!!

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One thing not to forget to mention: practise a lot! you’re not the only one who didn’t grease his first landing. I’ve been really active in this game for around 10 months and once in a while I have bad landings for whatever reason. I’ve been practicing on solo a lot, just to improve my landings skills. Believe it or not, they get better and better.😉

I’d suggest you to not only watch the tutorials on YouTube as mentioned above, but also take some time to do 2-5 landings in solo every day or week.

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Phew never thought to get so much help. Thanks all!!!

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Um, this is a real aircraft, I was talking about infinite flight!

As Max said,

Landing tutorials from real life can apply to Infinite Flight.


This video was helpful to me: The Best Approaching & Landing Altitude TUTORIAL - YouTube

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@PilotAtWork380. MaxSez: PM to follow. Max

There’s already a multitude of tutorials on IF YouTube

If you’re flying the A380 you’re able to go much slower than normal landing speeds due to its massive wingspan. I’ve found 130 knots at full flaps lands the best.


You are stabilized at 1000 ft 140 kt flaps full gear down.
50 above runway threshold
30 flare
20 retard throttle (power to 0 in Infinite Flight)
10 rudder alignment
Touchdown area
Attention: in real life with A380 if you miss touch down you can stop more the 300 meters away. So you see.


Thanks everyone, really helpful