Landing to violation ratio

So i have 45 violations/ 755 landings when I add it up to get the ratio i get 0.05 but infinite flight is calculating 0.06. If someone can help me and to let me know how much more landings i need that would be great


Are you rounding it at all. I’ll do the calculation myself but I just though I’d ask.

I did 45÷755

If that is how you do it

Found the issue. You got 0.596026490066225 which you seemed to have rounded to 0.5 but when it’s rounded it actually equals 0.6


That is how you do it! My best bet is that Infinite Flight rounds it up. So if it’s 0.059 it will round it up to 0.6 where as if it is 0.54 it will round it down to 0.5


Alright then

Get your landing count to 810 with no further violations and you should be good!

Ok ill do it now

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I think it is rounded up to the nearest 10 as when it went to 0.06 i had 45/698

Yes, I’m pretty sure that it’s rounded to the nearest 10, so that is why it’s 0.6 instead of 0.5

Alright so now ill do 60 more landings

Yeah 60 more landings and then you should be set to go!

Grade 5 here I come

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No more new violations! 😉💪🏼


Yep that’s right

I have reached to 820 landings and yet still bit grade 5

Did you get any more vios while doing it?

No @KaiM

Im at 830 now