Landing the xcub

Lot of people are having trouble landing the xcub so I made a video on how to if you liked it thank you


Tyler made the same video with a tutorial so this is not needed.


Oh I’m sorry that’s a Landing tutorial I haven’t seen one yet but I bet Tyler is making one so it can stay up for now.


That helped a lot! Thanks!


Thank you, the landing video is very helpful as well as others related to xcub. It helps me to understand it more as stol.

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Nice landing!

Taildraggers are quite tricky to learn because of the different location of the CG (Center of Gravity) and the fact you steer the back of the plane instead of the front.

Landings: there’s two ways.

3 point landings are when you get into ground effect, full flaps, reduce the power to idle and hold the airplane off until you run out of lift generated and the elevator can no longer keep the back the the plane down (think of the elevator/rudder mechanism alone). You bleed off the speed until the airplane physically can’t fly and settle down nice and slow and your 3 wheels touch down relatively at the same time.

The more advanced way which produces a smoother landing when mastered is similar in nature. Fly down to ground effect, keep positive airspeed (air flow over the wings/elevator/rudder) and slowly bring it down. The tricky part is the fact you actually have to push ever so slightly forward on the stick to raise the rear of the aircraft. The airspeed over the elevator still has enough power to control the rudder and elevator. This method helps in crosswinds. Rudder inputs are the main key to flying taildraggers!

If anyone needs help, feel free to DM me!