Landing The XCub

Best way I’ve found to land the XCub 👍🏻

• When coming into land I try and make sure I have a slight nose down pitch.


• When I’m about to touchdown I put on the brakes while in the Air. I do this as I find when I put brakes on after I touch the ground I flip forward.


• Once in the Runway and slowing down. At 30 IAS I take off the brakes and pull back on the yoke so the back wheel and taxi off at the nearest point.


Try this in solo and if you get comfortable then try in casual, Then if you get comfortable in that then go into the training server and then try Expert.

Make sure you are familiar with the controls. I’m not responsible for the Violations and Ghosts you get.

Happy Flying 👍🏻

Thank you,
Ryan ✈️

If I’m wrong topic can a mod change this thank you!


The brakes thing really helps stick your landing. Also to avoid flipping make sure you have full control on landing.

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Yeah the plane is soooo light you really need the brakes so the plane sticks 👍🏻

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Also be very careful with your vertical input. The aircraft has a tendency to tip over forward if you push on the controls too much 😉


Yeah once your on the ground all you have to do is pull back 👍🏻

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Hey, Ryan! While I appreciate the tip, this still isn’t the correct procedure. We encourage users to learn the correct way even if it isn’t the easiest way. Brakes shouldn’t be set when landing the Cub… or any airplane.

Taildraggers require an entirely different skill set and approach to flying. Keep working at it, stay proactive with your inputs, and be on the lookout for our landing tutorial next week! 🙂