Landing the TBM

This seems very difficult. As soon as you touch down it tends to slide all over the place. Has anyone mastered it?

Take a look at the topic linked below and let me know exactly what the issue is aswell to try and mitigate any issues you have while landing. Is it due to bad winds, rudder Input etc?


Should help with a smooth landing ^

I’ve seen that, it’s in 0 wind which isn’t helpful for crosswinds conditions. In even very slight crosswinds I find the TBM is almost impossible to keep in a straight line as soon as you touch down.

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Are you using the rudder? That’s key to landing the aircraft and you should be landing at around 90 knots IAS.

Spot on. Also make sure that your flare is gentle, but deliberate. Should make your touchdown and rollout smooth

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If anyone can show me a video of a crosswind landing where they’ve maintained the centre line i’d be impressed!

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I just butter the landing of pretty much every flight and TBM is very easy. 3 thumb rules to remember:

  1. Vertical speed should not be greater than 300 ft/min while approach.

  2. Watch your speed. Maintain a practical speed where your aircraft doesn’t shake and hold your device steady. If you have problem in doing so then, change the sensitivity level to low. It helps!

  3. Never underestimate the power of using elevator trim. Adjust the level of trim to your comfort but it totally depends on air speed and the weight of the aircraft.

I may be wrong but i follow these rules to achieve perfect landings.

I find if you keep back pressure on the yoke when you flare the rudder control is easier. As soon as there is weight on that front wheel you can slip all over the place if your rider is applied. I keep my flare going as long as possible until I’m dead centre then pop the nose down and release the rudder at the same time.

Like many aircraft in real life or infinite flight ,there is a knack to it every pilot is different in flight style

I suggest you ensure coupled steering is turned off see general settings in game
Fly a long final get to grip with how she responds it’s a real slow final if your not a seasoned GA pilot patience and planning is key,

I personally fly GA on my phone s8 rather than my tab s4 but I have the choice .

For those that only have 1 device don’t scared of the control sensitivity adjust as required

I can’t teach you style of flight that is on you the pilot

If I had 1 critical piece of advice keep the flaps on T/O till below 90kts use her flaps the caution and don’t forget to offset with positive trim

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