Landing the new a320

Just a quick question. Does anyone else find it hard to land the a320 in the new cockpit? When landing I like to use a mixture of the FPV and the glideslope + localiser to perfect my landings however with the new update (inside the cockpit) the FPV is missing if you don’t have the HUD which I don’t like to turn on because I don’t feel like I am utilising the PFD in the new flight deck. Does anyone else think this?

I am currently doing t&g at LFBO in the A320 and just realised that what makes it hard to land is the constant up and down looks to your instruments. Now I understand why people say flight sim is too much about looking inside the cockpit and not outside.

Look at the runway, not your PFD, and it should go alright !


No, my landings have actually been better without the FPV.I an planning on making a toutorial of how to takeoff and land using the PFD


It’s not new. It’s just been updated

Would love to see that!

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I think people know what I mean!

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