Landing The Dash 8-Q400

Hello there people of the forums! With the new update released with the all new Dash 8-Q400. I’ve seen people landing this plane. There were good landings and then there were the 200 knots straight into the tarmac landings cough cough playground

I just want to point out that anyone can edit this as I am making this into a wiki. Also, this is based off facts I have gathered, so feel free to edit anything I have missed!

Okay so let’s get this show on the road!

Dash 8-Q400

Credit: @CptNathanHope

Credit: @BlazingFate

As we all know, the Dash 8 is the first twin turboprop jet we have in IF, and there are 25 liveries available.

Weight And Balance

This is what Matt said about the Dash 8 weight configuration. I have to agree with him because, unlike a jet, it will be much harder to control. I highly recommend you stick with the weight you currently have, and never do change it because that’s what your used to.


This is an easy subject, Tyler_Shelton made a post about where you can find everything you need to know, everything from: Cruising, gear, flaps and stall speeds

Click on the link above to find out more

Here are the stall speeds at 24 tons

  • Flaps 0: 117 knots
  • Flaps 5: 108 knots
  • Flaps 10: 100 knots
  • Flaps 15: 96 knots
  • Flaps 35: 91 knots


Landing Speeds at 24 tons:

  • Flaps 10: 122 knots
  • Flaps 15: 118 knots
  • Flaps 35: 112 knots

Those are just some facts, but here is a screenshot example of a good landing
Credit: @Bulba

Note how it’s not over flared?. I see people trying to flare way to high.
@HV9690 made a landing tutorial with a video and I highly recommend checking the video out and the post!,

Here is what he has to say about flaring. Read the quote below carefully!

I have another video! Click the link below, to find out more! Credit: @dash8_berlin

Crosswind Landing

(I’d like to thank @Recxx for suggesting this!)

So crosswind landing is very hard thing to do, but on the dash, it’s much harder. I found a post where @dush19 put a video of real life Dash Q400 trying to land in crosswind! Check it out!

If you want to not end up on the grass or a go around, spend some time on solo and practice crosswind landing, then you look like a pro :D

More info on crosswind landing coming soon! Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading! Have a nice landing :D

I’d like to also thank anyone who submitted screenshots, I couldn’t have done it without you guys! :D

Credit: @Hamza787Aj


Thank you! I will use this in the future!

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Thanks for featuring my photo! ;)

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Your welcome! I just had to! It was a amazing screenshot :)

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Your welcome! I’m very glad to hear that! :D

Correction, the Dash 8 is the first twin turboprop. First prop was the Cessna 172. First turboprop was the Cessna 208.


Thank you for the error, I have corrected it, but feel free to edit any other mistakes I made because I have made this guide into a wiki so you can edit it :)

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Come on man again with my videos. That’s why I had to stop posting them here.


Listen to @Bulba Laurans. Just because someone isn’t the best person at IF doesn’t me that all of their videos are the worst and should be “shut down”.

Anyways back on topic.

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Feel free to post any videos here. No users should be harassed no matter how much skill they have. If you have a problem with a user you can PM a mod:)


Thanks for reposting my guide. Great tutorial!

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Thank you! your guide was very detailed and I just had to include it :D

I have just added a new part to the landing guide and I think it’s very important! It’s crosswind landing! Check it out! (it’s under landing). I’d like to thank @Recxx for suggesting this!

Afternoon all, this is my first post on the forums here so apologies if this is in the wrong place,

Been playing with the new D8 for the past 2 days and finally getting some good approach/landings, quite tricky at first to work out good speed/power and flap settings.

Have read the tutorials and picked up a few good tips though.

Is the full flap setting used much on this aircraft? I’ve tried it and am finding that at about 2-3 miles out it just messes up my approach with airspeed about 120kt, huge amount of nose up pitch/lift and very rapid drop in airspeed. Trying to counter the speed drop only seems to amplify the pitch/lift problem. I’ve had a lot more joy using flap 15 and making nice touchdowns with gentle flare at about 110kts.

Really enjoying the Dash 8 though, a nice change from the jets.



Flaps 35 is only used for landing on steep and short runways, like EGLC. But all else you would have flaps 15 for landing at a more “smooth” airport. I’ve mastered the D8 too, it’s quite fun when you know the basics!


Hey man check the info for flaring, the video is wrong, I posted an edit in that topic.

MaxSez: I take exception to the “Don’t change the weight & balance”! Load this bear forward and configure it to the flight profile in your flight plan.for every mission. V & Flap setting for gross loading are clearly spelled out in the multiple tutorials or the Pilot Operating Manual (POH, always the best source and in the Tutorial library to). Fly safe and smart.


I do have to agree with you on the weight and balance because every aircarft is different and needs different weights.

For the dash I was confused and choose that the best option was to stick with the weight settings you have.

You can change the mistakes and errors as I have made it into a public post. Meaning anyone can edit.


How much do you flare?

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