Landing the B757-200 well

I can’t seem to butter the B757-200. Do you guys have any pointers?

Its an old aircraft with old physics - so its very hard to get a good landing.


Okay. I’ll just wing it.

Pun intended.


It is a very hard aircraft to land as the psychics are horrible. That being said, here is my recommendation:

  1. Set the descent rate at -750 FPM (Feet Per Minute)

  2. Intercept the slope indicator (the vertical bar) at no faster than 140 Knots with full flaps, spoilers armed, and gear down.

  3. Calibrate your device prior to disengaging the autopilot in order to maintain a steady approach angle.

Good luck!🙂


Go very slow into the landing. Or it will slide off the runway.

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Thanks for the pointers!

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Slow landing. Okay.

Also don’t idle engines on aircraft that don’t have ground affect implemented yet, the aircraft will fall like a rock.

This aircraft is a monster to land, hence why I want a rework for it, most old aircraft have really outdated physics so landing them is complicated

I slid off the runway in Orlando while landing in this outdated jet.

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I almost slid off the runway in Vancouver in this rocket


120-130 knot range
+60% trim
Flaps 30
And most importantly, leave the power in for your flare and touchdown, not much, but 20% throttle works well.
Pretty much same technique for the 767

Ok I have 1 tip and I cannot stress it enough. Land quick

I thought 767 had much higher idle thrust, like you can get a taxi speed warning at 0 percent throttle high

One huge tip is to keep your pitch constant and adjust your glide slope using your speed. Make small, minor adjustments in throttle to control your airspeed and therefore, your glide path.

I think this is more to do with landing than approaches. The approach is easy even with APPR now becquse of VNAV.

Like I can have a rwally good approach then hard bounce lol

One tip: find another aircraft. Physics are horrible. Anyways good luck

I was able to butter at MHTG, one of the hardest airports to fly into on IF. But yeah, the aircraft has terrible physics. I would recommend another aircraft unless you are up for a challenge.

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