Landing the A380-800 [Poll]

Everyone has to work on there landing (even the professional’s)

Anyway I always go A380 because it’s the best aircraft to really challenge you. So I was wondering what the correct speed is to land and how far away should you start descents get because I really want to make good landings.

  • Land at 180knots
  • Land at 160knots
  • Land at 130-140knots

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Happy Landings!
Qatri 660 heavy

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I land the 380 at 160 knots. You should start your decent about half way through your flight!


I land at 140 knots. Is that really slow?


i remember starting it at KONT from a flight from KPSP and it would always be too late i would have to go to 3000vs to get to normal altitude

Typically, you have a high tendancy to stall out…

depends on the weight of the aircraft. i land a 737 at 140 knots with full MGL

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yes a 737 landing speeds are 140 knots

The only reason I stall is because the AP just starts climbing rapidly. Had that happen to anyone or is it just me…(crys in a corner)

I always pick light.

whenever i disable ap, it either goes all the way up or all the way down. and also when you enable ap it decreases a bit then increases.

@Aernout knows because he is an A38O pilot and the correct landing speed depends check his tutorials

Nice! Very jealous. Definitely check him out.

Thank you very one for the advice! I appreciate it! :D

Happy Landing!

-Qarti 660 Heavy

I usually land at about 130-170 knots. It’s a very hard plane to land!

Yeh. Sure.

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The A380 is the easyest plane to land in the game (my opinion ) I find it easier to land the A380 than to land a B737 or 757. I love landing the A380, I never get bored, I land the A380 at around 140-150kts :)


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Are we talking about real life if so maybe you should have put it in to real world aviation. In general I guess we are taking about it in the game 😀. I agree with you there mate she is a building and a beast and still a building and a beast in the game. But I find it the easiest plane to land then anyother plane in the game. :)

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