Landing the a320 at Heathrow


It look you fly on IOS
Is that treu?

You should move this to the “a320 Screenshots” thread.

Please everyone I’m sick to death of 320 Posts. Please archive all future A-320 positive comment or photo’s. Photo’s to “Screen Shots”, Postitive Comment to the (expletive deleted) Can! Max Sends


You’re not landing anything ;)

Uhm? There is no visible difference between IF on Android and iOS.
In this particular case we can exclude it’s an iOS device by looking at the screenshot’s resolution.

Yes there is

Maybe on Kindle

If you are referring to the side of the controls it’s split for phones and right for tablets.

Hey guys! Funny enough I can land every plane in the game except the A320! Yes I know it’s weird!!! Could someone please help me or show me how to land it! Thank you

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Turn on Anti-Aliasing and it’ll look better. :)