Landing the 772 in IF

I want to know what’s the general landing speed range for a landing as most of mine end up me floating down the runway or slamming the plane on the ground. Also how do i maintain centerline as I am always off the centerline.

Any help is appreciated :)


Check out this tutorial for takeoff and landing speeds for the 772: Unofficial Takeoff and Landing Profiles (777-200ER)


Always use gentle inputs, don’t panic, and practice. Using the glideslope and other indicators, there are ways to see if you are on the centerline or just a bit to the right/left. Lastly, practice. I guarantee that you’ll be okay!

Anywhere between 140kts to 150kts is fine (again, dependent on weight and winds). If you’re floating you may simply be flaring too much, just don’t pull the nose up so sharply…as long as you can see yourself (barely) descending to the ground you’re fine. Even if it’s a hard landing, you’ll have landed on time rather than late.

Aim for the center line when you’re landing (you should aim for where you want to land, not where you want to avoid); in most cases, you’ll have about 10 nm of final approach to adjust yourself to be as centered as possible. That’s a piece of cake when there are light or nice headwinds, as you won’t have to work so hard on the rudder, and if you do find yourself in some slight crosswinds the rudder will work it’s magic if you use it to recenter yourself just before touchdown (if you have x winds, that is)…

For stronger crosswinds (10+ kts), you’ll have to not just use the rudder but tilt the plane a bit from the wind. I recommend not trying to feather your landings because you’ll need the traction to keep yourself centered on the runway.

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I recommend to go into solo mode, and just fly a bunch of short finals!
I mastered the Xcub that way

and do what the outher ppl are saying above

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