Landing the 757-200

When I land the 757, as soon as I land at proper Vref speed about 145 knots, it always veers to the left or right sharp and I have to use the rudder. It always sometimes causes the aircraft to skid out of control. But when I land Airbus A-350, it’s Always a smooth great landing. WHY IS THIS???

Doesn’t ever happen to me, but maybe you’re tilting your device right?

There could be crosswind

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can you send us a screen recording or use this to share the issue so that we can try to see what happened?

I’m assuming you always calibrate your device before disengaging the autopilot, right?

The 757 is certainly a challenge to land… It’s quite sensitive, especially in windy conditions. Try not to overuse the rudder upon landing as that’s what might cause you to veer off the runway. Gently use the rudder or turn down the sensitivity in settings :)


It could be wind, once you land use rudder to maintain centerline like Dan said, it is sensitive so don’t be too aggressive with it ;)

Is it possible to reduce the sensitivity of the udder? I thought you could only change the aileron and elevator sensitivity?

Edit: *rudder

Your lucky its just that plane all of the planes do it for me.

And yes it is possible.

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Oh, sorry

I just looked and I can’t see it.

It’s the 3rd slider down. Labeled “yaw”.

Oh, thanks. I was looking at the “key/axis” column, not the one next to it.

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