Landing test

Today on expert in EDDF, i passed my personnal A380 OLD Landing test in front of Laura…

She was not in the cockpit though…

Still got stressed out :)


I wonder if this confirms the Qatar livery will be returning as well with the new A380 🤔


I hope so.

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It’s so obvious that it will appear on a new A380 like it’s the second must have livery after Emirates for A380.

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Beautiful pics love the Qatar 🇶🇦 one ☝️

Oh yeah we’ll definitely get a Qatar livery on the new a380 one of the biggest operators


The second must have is Singapore

That’s confirmed… Check A380 Tracking Thread from yesterday

Yeah i know

Thanks for the comment! I wonder if Laura was there in the old model or if the new one comes out as old for us?

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Great perspectives in your shots! The setup care really shows.

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New model. We’ll just see the old model.

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It’s better to say that all A380 liveries are must have because all the A380 operators deserved it!

What airport is that

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EDDF (Frankfurt intl) @voltanicMercuay0

Thanks for your kind comment!

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Got it, thanks!

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50 40 30 20 10 touchdown!