Landing/Taxi Lights illuminate the ground

Yea I really hope soo!!!

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I think they could also put two lights… GROUND LIGHTS AND LANDING LIGHTS… so we use one light for taxiing and lighting the taxiways and another for taking off and lighting the west for landing and takeoff

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Yea yeaa also a good one!!

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they really are magic with creation

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In my opinion the most needed feature in infinite flight!
I cant wait to see what project metal brings in the Future.

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I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post this but, Aerofly will be adding this feature in their 2022 version.


Looks great! WOW

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I miss when the strobes did this ;(

I have seen older IF videos with strobes that illuminated the surrounding areas/objects?

I take it they were removed?

They will look great on the ground but they will look even better in the air over a busy Airport


Extremely true, better do it soon or IF will get old really quickly.

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Hopefully in the near future.

this is beautiful

well, they said they working on it.

Yes the did :)

And beacon light too!


With the addition of taxiway lines shown on a map, I am so happy we are getting closer to taxi lights. This will be such a huge improvement and it will allow for more users to fly at night as they will be able to see.

I cannot wait for the announcement or WIP of taxi lights in operation, it will be a spectacular thing!


Yeah we need this update ! To taxi at night and low visibility

Thanks IDM

Will be great to see them back 😎