Landing/Taxi Lights illuminate the ground

This NEEDS to be added

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If this was to happen, the devs would need to add an option to switch from dynamic lighting to legacy lighting engines. Otherwise even some high-end devices would struggle to render it.


Please ALL vote for this Topic!

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I refresh this topic, which needs to be taken into account by the developer!

This would be awesome and also giving purpose to the landing/taxi lights.
I hope it gets done.

Isn’t this thread kind of a duplicate of the current top thread? Perhaps we can transfer all these votes to the top thread instead.

Trust me, if the mods realized that 247 people had voted for a duplicate, they would have said something. Also, the other thread is closed. :p

I think the top one is still open right?

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Night flights would be such a dream with good lighting.
luckily the team is aware of this and is working on it !

We gonna get this soon?

If it hasn’t been confirmed by a member of staff then the safe assumption would be no. Nothing is confirmed until the development team says it is.
Please don’t unnecessarily push topics like this.


Ok I saw someone say that it was confirmed

It is clearly written there.
Dynamic lights …
with that it is confirmed.
Whats your Problem?


The problem is your reading out of context.

“Features we’d like to implement” is the keyword here. So far nothing other than a want for implementation, when possible has been expressed by the developers, and in no capacity have they confirmed it.

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That is correct, but only because a system is out of date. Hence the “Metal” project, which opens up these possibilities for infinite flight!
Here is the link to it.
They are working on it and after this project there is the possibility to implement it!

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It goes way far then not confirmed, it says „either impossible or to performance inhabitant“ This is a clear NO for the foreseeable future.
And yes, metal is meant to solve some performance issues, but no, that doesn’t meant that things that where called impossible before will now come with next update.
With the number of device performance related support topics it is unlikely that they are adding things they have said NO to before the existing issues are solved.
Anyways I will expect some fantastic steps forward for this year, as we have seen it for years continuesly now. Wich steps those are? Let’s take the surprise!
It is unlikely that it will be lights that illuminate. It might be some kind of clouds, they have confirmed working on this, but it might come to a showstopper on short final. Remember, you can always go around. 😂



Let’s keep this on topic and civilised please. Use this to discuss the feature itself, no need get into each other’s.


Since the previous post was deleted, here’s (once again) evidence that taxiway lights are indeed in the works for anyone in doubt.

Screenshot 2020-04-23 at 18.55.30
Comment #745 of the main taxiway lighting thread

Screenshot 2020-04-23 at 18.47.54
One of many random comments made by IF


Not random. 🙂 We’ve said it many times - even in our developer live streams.

Buildings and lights are in the works. Project Metal has to be completed first (also heavily in development behind the scenes). It’s not a mystery folks!


So there you have it :)

Thanks Jason!