Landing/Taxi Lights illuminate the ground


That topic is talking about the taxiway lights which are these:


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No, he’s talking about the lights on the plane itself. That topic about Taxiway Lights is different.


Oh ok. I saw that sure since both were in the title. Thanks for clarifying.


yeah yeah, The lights we all know it:P


We definitely need this feature!

It is not only realistic but it helps us see! Believe it or not.

Taxi lights are so essential because we need to know where we are going, because we don’t want to be taxing over grass. Most time I fly in real time, but if I’m taxing at night; I usually switch to day because I cannot see a thing! We definitely need this added guys. Please vote !! Cheers 😁


This is definitely a need. I hate having to turn the time to day whenever I need to taxi at night. As well as this, you can’t see anything out of the cockpit window at night. We definitely need this added as well as tail illumination lights.


If there’s one thing I miss about the old version of infinite flight, is the strobe lights that would reflect off the ground. Although having the landing lights, and maybe the strobe lights come back, and illuminate on the ground would be a huge step towards more realism!


Definitely a need, this could become especially useful when your landing in the dark, low vis and for taxiing (this is where taxi lights and taxiway lights could be useful too) during the night. It gets my vote!


maybe after their choice, between this topic and the other for the taxiwaylights…
now, there are so many requests for the same purpos…


Agreed taxi and landing lights need to illuminate the ground.


oh yes definitely do it


Amazing, like this for adding to the simulator!


Also if you are doing an approach at night in low vis conditions it would be nice if the runway lights didn’t just shine right through the clouds no matter how far from the threshold. Would make following an ILS more realistic!


We need this


where was this photo taken, do you know?


Logo lights too while you are at it. In the future I would love to see night scenery with all the city lights.


Well people who played in the initial 1.5-2 years of the game know that Dynamic Lighting existed.

I never noticed when it went away, but I think it was removes after the global update.


will keep the hopes


I vote for this.
I always need to change the time to daylight everytime I on the ground to see the taxiway…


I remember there used to be a glitch ( Not sure if it’s still there or not) but if you’re looking at a plane with their strobes or landing lights on with the Cockpit camera, you’d notice that the strobes wont flash nor the landing lights but as soon as you switch to the outside camera you’d notice the lights were on.