Landing/Taxi Lights illuminate the ground


Well let’s just say, if pilots didn’t have working taxi / landing lights, there would’ve been a LOT of accidents by now in RWA…

When we land at night in IF, we want to actually see where we’re going from the cockpit, instead of always resorting to the outside views.

And I’m gonna say it like it is, if you dont have something at LEAST as advanced as an iPhone 5, you should either upgrade, or give up on trying high end flight sims such as the one we have.


This effect of landing lights and taxi lights illuminating the floor is very much lacking. And not just this feature, but they could separate the landing lights from the taxi lights because, currently, with the same button the pilot activates or deactivates all the lights mentioned.

But, anyway, this topic already has my vote.


This has my vote! I want to see the ground at night! If you can, please vote for this!


Agree, I’d love to see this in IF ;)


Anyone want to bring this back? With global out now the devs could put more effort into this if we made it a thing. I really want this and I know others do too guys! If we get enough votes we could actually have a new feature besides an aircraft implemented! My vote remains firm!


Ya, I belive the ones on the bottom are nav / taxi lights ! Looks very unique in the dark!


At least they should add light on taxi ways, just as they have on runways (with the right colors obvously)


60 votes here 👏 makes my day thanks guys


Before anything lights need to be fixed first


If FDS decides to do this update, it would be great if the also did a rework on sound affects like flaps and gear and possibly engine starts.


Going off of the picture you have in the original post, it would also be beneficial if the landing lights would actually illuminate the ground infront of the aircraft. This would make it incredibly easier to see the taxiway line at night.


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It would be so cool to have this…especially if we got tail logo lights! :)


It’s gained 10 votes in the past 2 weeks, not giving up yet Mr. Max!


I vote for the lights lit on the floor to me also confuses me at the time of landing and when I go to the take-off line :)


Thank you to everyone who voted my feature request best of 2017! I appreciate it immensely and it is an honor to receive the award! #LandingLights2018


Get my vote! It’s getting tricky because I have no more votes left since a few weeks. I now have to unvote some pretty good ideas if I find a better one


Have my vote. I don’t know how I just stumbled upon this. I saw something on Laura’s Instagram about landing smoke particles already existing, however not active in the game yet. If that can become a thing, surely this can!


Make mine the 100th vote, we really do need this because I tried 100 times to land at midnight in global and end up crashing or landing like Ryanair’s planes.


I could be wrong, but isn’t this a duplicate other than the landing lights?