Landing/Taxi Lights illuminate the ground


Just said a goodbye to my last vote.


I don’t know if lights in Real Racing are volumetric, but they do illuminate the ground, bleachers and cars in front. I have a dinosaur 2013 Moto X, and it doesn’t lag, even in Cup events (23 cars) and there are a lot of reflections, lights and effects. So yes, I think there’s a chance:


Oh yeah, it is useless.

We definitely need this.

Gotta bookmark it so I can vote for it when I’m back up as a regular here :)


Remember: RR3 has a huge team of Devs, alot of money, and alot of resources. FDS don’t. They are amazing and dedicated but are a smaller team.


I like the idea, I don’t see it happening anytime soon, saving my vote for something else, sorry.


I know I know… I’m just saying that it is possible.


Interesting, I think if they did add this it wouldn’t be difficult to program the colors of the lights. I can certainly see that.


I beg to differ. I think this could absolutely be something possible, I mean while everyone requests entirely new aircraft into the game this is actually something about the game itself, or more of an issue with all the aircraft.


Good point but I still think it’s possible. They can always add it in the future whilst adding another aircraft.


I don’t see what the big issue is? Why do you guys say that you NEED it in the game, that you can’t fly without and that Infinite Flight is useless?! This is about illuminating the ground. Why? Do you want a lot worse graphics, make all old devices be unsupported just because what…? You want to see 10 meters ahead of you in the dark? Landing lights are useless as soon as you rotate. They don’t serve another purpose than to make the plane visible in the air, like it already is…


I’m not saying we need it I’m saying it would be a cool feature for the future of infinite flight. And infinite flight isn’t useless. I agree with you on that.👍


Nice idea my votes on limit but actually take it as a vote… For long it’s been getting me difficult to taxi on ground the lights don’t help much… So I just move out of the taxiway… Hope this idea is implemented and we get a awesome flight
:) happylandings


Chill… some people have different opinions…


Wow. In 2 days this topic received 40 votes. This is bound to mean something about what the IFC wants…


That’s what strobe lights are for.


It is funny because whe strobe lights are on in the dark they show up on the ground, but not landing lights,


Exactly, sums up why I made this.


To a certain extent, I don’t see why IF didn’t make illuminating landing lights in the first place. For this reason they may have truly seen it as too complicated to code.


I hate it when people come along and say this sort of stuff. Infinite Flight is supposed to have realism. If we have negative comments on great features, were never gonna get anywhere…


I’d support this getting added, good idea