Landing/Taxi Lights illuminate the ground

This really bugs me because the landing lights in infinite flight are useless. Landing lights in IF would help pilots see what’s ahead as well as other pilots can see their plane. And we would also benifit from Landing Lights actual uses, illuminating the runway at poorly lit airports, and helping out with low visibility approaches. Here would be an example of landing lights illuminating the ground:

credits to What is the diffference between landing lights, taxi lights and external lights? - Aviation Stack Exchange

I believe this is a duplicate:

Although the above topic does not explicitly mention this feature, it would a likely part of it, and a past request for this was closed as a duplicate. However, it is not for me to decide :)


We’all just have to wait and see I guess.


Ahh yes, I fly at night regularly and I believe that all lights need to be reworked such as these. I mean if the strobe lights can illuminate on the ground then why can landing lights. You should also vote for your own topic and I’ll go remove a vote to vote for this!


It’s a duplicate, but we all support this idea. I can only imagine the requests after this is released: Different lights for different aircrafts like LED for the Dreamliner for example.


For some reason the strobes work but not landings, that’s why I dedicated this topic to landing lights.


That would be great to have, hopefully we’ll get this with the advanced night flying :)


Yes! Turning these lights on on short final is amazing! This topic needs some attention!


I voted because I totally agree. Landing lights are 100% Useless. They can’t do their one job of lightning up the ground


I never noticed it. I’ll definitely vote for this feature!


Something that’s definitely needed. Voted!


Well, not for me they aren’t.

When you are in a busy airspace below 10k feet. With name tags off, the landing lights can be seen from a while away. They really help to know where planes are. But yes, they are completely useless on the ground


I also think this is a duplicate, I was about to link the same topic.


very good idea the ligths in infinite fligth are useless


How cool would the landing lights on the nose landing gear look when you turn the rudder on the taxi way.


It would look amazing! Can’t wait for better aircraft lights and airport lights, it’s going to look spectacular.


It’s not just to “make them illuminate the ground”.

To do that they would have to add volumetric lighting to the aircrafts. Basically – that means that instead of just showing a light on the aircraft, they would have to add lots and lots of light rays, which shoots out from the source many hundred times every second, to calculate if there is something that it can reflect back to. If it finds a surface, it would have to calculate the distance, angle and intensity of that object, to figure out how much and where to shine the light.

It’s not only to add dynamic lighting like that, to be honest - there’s no chance that mobile devices are capable of that as of now


Well if you say it’s to much than what is global. I am sure the great minds of our infinite flight developers will do it quite well when that want to add this feature.


Well, google dynamic and volumetric lighting. :) I quote:

" Volumetric lighting requires two components: a light space shadow map, and a depth buffer. Starting at the near clip plane of the camera, the whole scene is traced and sampling values are accumulated into the input buffer. For each sample, it is determined if the sample is lit by the source of light being processed using the shadow map as a comparison. Only lit samples will affect final pixel color.

This basic technique works, but requires more optimization to function in real time. One way to optimize volumetric lighting effects is to render the lighting volume at a much coarser resolution than that which the graphics context is using. This creates some bad aliasing artifacts, but that is easily touched up with a blur. One can also use stencil buffer like with the shadow volume technique."

This can’t be compared to global and the new shaders. Those can be optimized, but the big issue is resource management. You only have so much processing power available, that’s the issue. I have worked a lot with 3D rendering and animation in the past, and you have no idea how much processing power it takes to render volumetric lighting…


It is indeed a great missing, and not very realistic, that landing lights don’t illuminate …