Landing/ takeoff speeds in a Boeing 717?

What is the landing and takeoff speed for the Boeing 717?

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Landing and takeoff speeds depend on your weight and configuration.

If you generate your flight plan via, it should give you takeoff speeds.

Obviously it depends on weight like @Thunderbolt said, but for a mid-weight 40ish% Landing I’ve found 140 works well

Here are my takeoff and landing profiles of the Boeing 717. I am currently working on a new topic which will include accurate takeoff and landing speeds of every aircraft in Infinite Flight. This will replace my older closed topic: All Aircraft Take Off and Landing Speeds (Version 19.1).


It varies a lot, but if you’re looking for a ballpark, I’d say rotation speed is between 130 - 145kts, and landing speed is around 135 - 140kts. I’m flying one right now so when I land I’ll give a better estimate.

ok tell me when you land. please

Landing with 30 flaps, it still varies a bit, but I’d say a more accurate range is around 133 - 136 kts. In the 717 in this game 1 or 2 kts of airspeed can be the difference between a landing and a stall, so be careful and take this advice with a grain of salt.

what should my pitch be? ANgle of atCK

Start your flare between the 30 & 20 callout and pitch up to around 4 degrees. Note that I’m no professional…

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