Landing system opinion

I’m not just speaking for myself here, I’m speaking for the community.

Honestly imo the landing system isn’t fair on the players. Eg you need 90 landings in 100 days, that means you would have to play this game almost everyday to stay at for example a grade 4. It’s almost as if its forcing you to play to stay at that level.

I just got sent back to a grade 3 from a grade 4 because I had less than 100 landings in 90 days even though I have over 1200 in total which is more than good enough for a grade 5

People have to go out and won’t be able to play every day so honestly it’s a bit unfair on people


Not really, many community members wanted a improved grade system by making grades more difficult to achieve (so that the expert server will become a better place for expert pilots.)

I don’t see much of a issue here, since you still have access to the expert server.


Being a high grade requires commitment - that’s all it is…


100 landings in 90 days is not much…an average of 1.1 per day.


Grade 4 and 5 is for active players with lots of dedication to the sim. If that’s not you, don’t bother trying to go here.


Grade 4 and 5 are for daily players who spend some time playing everyday. There isn’t a difference between Grade 4 and 3 except the tag color. You don’t have to be Grade 4.


What’s the point of having differentiated tag colors if everyone can get them super easily? It’s almost like TL3 and TL4 on the forum. The most dedicated people are recognized in the sim


As for the 90 days, here is how it works;

There are two ways to keep up at the grades, example if you do short flights with 4 landings for 90 days and on the 91st day you will lose the 4 landings, ps if you don’t fly for 89days.

This happens for the flight time as well.

So it’s upto you how you play the IF either do short haul or long hauls but u have to keep doing this at same pace to make up for the 90 days period, to stay in the same grade.

Also remember if you do pattern work do not do more than 10 landings per day as what will happen is if you do that u will lose more landings, on the 91st day.

So plan wisely yes IF wants us to be active everyday and consistent with the flying hours and landings.

But you’re not loosing anything by being Grade 3 instead of Grade 5.
So, how is it unfair? Grade 4+5 is not something that should be easily obtained. What would be the point if it were?

You have precisely the same access as everyone else by being Grade 3, compared to being Grade 5.

I would actually love to hear some elaboration on why it is unfair…


I fly only three times a week, yet I’m grade 5. Normally I do a GA flight, a regular airline flight, and then a day of what ever I want (long hauls, messing around in the casual server…). If you have 20 minutes to fly, just hop in a cub, go to Edwards AFB in the casual server, and just land on a runway every 30 ish seconds. And that 40 landings in 20 minutes! At that rate, you’ll be able to get grade 5 easily. You just have to be smart about it.

Hmmm. Somethings not adding up here.

There’s no difference between Grade 3, 4, and 5. Its literally a different color tag. You still have your access to Expert Server and no one is judging you based on your grade.


Trust me, you aren’t missing out on much. Some people look at grade 5 like it’s some golden standard and while you could say it literally is, it’s overrated.

At the end of the day, grade doesn’t matter. Your grade shows how much time you spend in front on an iPad. Some people are grade 5 and absolute idiots. Don’t worry about your grade, experience is what matters.


This is the answer, and those are facts


Well, not really. Many people in the community, including some staff have realize and have expressed that grade doesn’t corelate to pilot skill. This was just proven by the fact that pre-covid, there were actual airline pilots who weren’t able to join the expert server. IMO the 90 days requirement is pretty useless in preventing trolling, considering most of those people are the ones who play the game everyday to annoy players. So, in conclusion, the 90 days landing requirement isn’t effective, but its not that hard to just get grade three. Anything about that is truly just for show.

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I understand where you’re coming from, but I must say I am 100% fine being in a similar situation, previous Grade 4 and now Grade 3 with 750 landings.


So adding on what was said before: Don’t worry about Grades so much, but rather have fun, be it at Grade 3, 4 or 5!

Some people do play the game everyday in my opinion it’s fair because it can prove that your a good pilot

How can you become a popular pilot in Infinite Flight😊🛫

Surely, surely, you can grab 20 minutes to do a single pattern? If you miss a day, just do 2 the next day. That’s if you really want to be grade 4. Honestly though, grinding to get to G4 is really just having something to brag about. “Oh, look at me, I’m grade 4”. Where as if you earn grade 4 by flying every day, that’s something else. Point is, it means you are dedicated to the sim. It isn’t just something everyone has. G4 doesn’t give you any benefits really. It isn’t like people look up to you. It’s just a number. Take YouTube as an example. You can grind doing sub for sub and get loads of subscribers, but put in little work on your content. Then you end up with this really trashy channel that has a higher number of subscribers. In IF without the landings every 90 days, you put in little effort, yet you have a high grade. Like how that channel with a lot of subscribers could be bad, you could be a bad pilot. Hopefully that example made some what sense.

You put in work and effort, engage on the community with valuable information or content of some kind, fly often, slowly gain respect, It isn’t supposed to be quick and easy. This kind of thing isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

What I would suggest is make a flight schedule for you’re self of how many times you want a week.

So.basically I do Monday and Tuesday a 12 hour long haul return flight and the Wednesday I wil be off then Thursday I wil fly I short haul flight and Friday and Saturday a medium long haul of about 7-9 hours return and Sunday im off so I have 2 days off a week and every week I repeat it the same.

I usually do a month flights in advance that are set flight so I know which flights I do.every week and sometimes change it up and I am still a grade 4 Pilot and im keeping my landings constant in 90 days so when I reach 800 landings I know I can just do a few landings to earn my Grade 5 it takes dedication and you wil.get there.

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Thank you so much tho I cant wait to be a pilot hardworking well known pilot on IF that can inspire other to always enjoy IF and be dedicated in a positive way😊😊🛫🛫

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