Landing struggle

Then what do you recommend for a practicing then?

I find the 757 handles very nicely. The same goes for the 737, and the 767.

yeah i do it with a 737

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Did you try changing the sensitivity like I suggested? I fear this might be the culprit of your issues.

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yep i did it helped a bit but not a lot still not quite on the runway

Yet I disagree. All 3 aircraft have a higher sensitivity for me . Landing with 0 crosswind with the 757/67/37 is harder then landing with crosswind with the A320.

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You don’t have to be right on the centerline, that is pretty much impossible to always do. Do you play with the HUD always on, or does it disable after a few seconds. Also, are you using the cockpit view or an exterior view?

i am not even on thee runway

I suggested them because he has mentioned that his device doesn’t react quickly enough, all of those aircraft are very responsive to user inputs.

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i am not a320 fan anyway it reacts too slow

You shouldn’t be on the runway if you’re in the air.

He means are you using the HUD instruments to line up, and stay in line with, the centerline?

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no the cockpit ones but i geuss they are the same

and i mean when i touch down i am not on the runway

This is what I mean by HUD:
credits to Mobile Sim Guy


yeah that is what i use


So, as you get closer to touchdown, you should be keeping that localizer on the center of the deviation indicator. All of your lateral movement up to that point should be done such that you only need to make slight adjustments the closer you get.

Are you watching the centerline the whole way?

i am so i turn my device to make adjustments but it doesn’t react till just about touch down when i end up off the runway

Maybe try landing without the cockpit view and just the HUD. Then once you feel comfortable use the cockpit view. Also check this video helped me land in a crosswind.

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ok i will try and i do solo landings for now so no cross wind

me personally suggest you, practice more with ILS or Glide Slope. It will guide until short final.
you also can let your AP on just for Speed and make sure others are disconnected then you are good.

Once you feel you are experienced then go ahead disengage all AP and control throttle manually.

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