Landing stats

hello, I wanted to know one thing, I do not know if is the right place, I was looking at my stats, I noticed that after some flights do not increase the number of landing, is a issue or are updated after several hours? thank you

It updates after some minutes but if you do full stop the landing will count if not it will not count . Or you can try to restart the apps so you can see it will count.

You don’t have to come to a full stop for the landing to count. Based on my experience the main gears need to touch down and the landing will count. As Ousman stated, the landings might not show up immediately but most of the time, the landing count changes after the app is reopened or you have waited a few hours for all the stats and information to sync.


I did both, full stop and some t&g but the counts still the same. Forget to mention, from yesterday the landing number didn’t update

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That’s odd. I had one flight that went missing for about half a day before I noticed it being counted. Other than that anomaly, most of the time the stats update within an hour of the most recent flight from what I’ve noticed. And yes, touch and goes do count for landings. No stop and go required.

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