Landing stats

what airport do you guys recommend to me that is the best for getting a bunch of landings. i’m talking like one hundred landings in a game in under like an hour

EGGL casual touch and goes on BOTH runways. 😏


k, what aircraft do you recommend?

Any aircraft that you can land


ok, thank you

Just a word before you post search there are a lot of posts out there with the Same answer as what I just gave you. Not being rude just a hint 🤙

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You do realize that doing a large number of landings will result in your being very frustrated exactly 90 days from now when all of the sudden your 100 landings you did this hour fall off.


I use the A318

MaxSez: Any uncontrolled Rwy over 10,000 Feet… Multiple bounces possible in any GA… G’day Max

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VHHH , is great for touch n go patterns

@Chris_S… So right about the automatic landing decrement. I call the 90 day & daily IF landing count decrement just another example of “IF Tough Love” and Corporal Punishment. The decrement is similar to taking candy from a baby! Just Sayin… Regards Christopher, Max

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I normally go to KTCM in a 208 caravan because the runway is long :)

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i always get at least 10 landings a day, so that won’t be a problem

KCLT with a TBM is great for patterns.


what do you mean?

@DJ019… MaxSez… A bounce is a successful T&G landing counted.
A Cub only needs 900 feet to launch and can recover in 900 feet or less if you do a low speed 3 point stall complete landing then Zoom to 100 feet ect then bounce again, l Do the math. In a Cub how many landing of 900 feet or less on a 10,000ft Rway… Got it…(it’s lots). Max Sends

I recommend doing the KHHR to KLAX loop. Take off at KHHR from runway 25 in a TMB-930 or Cessna Citation X (or another plan that’s small but fast), fly to KLAX and do a touch and go on runway 25R before departing back for KHHR runway 07 and so forth. That’ll give you 1 landing per 30 seconds with is the correct ratio that IF counts landings.

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