Landing speeds

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2: I’m pretty sure its in the HUD of the aircraft?
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Generally landing speeds on all jets are between 125-140


737 likes to land with a high landing speed

Yes she does. Especially the -900

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and the -800, -700 can be easier to land, but yeah around 150-155kts for the 737

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To answer your question @11124, You can find loads of topics covering takeoff and landing profiles for many aircraft. I have linked some below:

You can cross-check your weight against these to find your approach speeds.


are u using flaps 5 bro

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Yeah correct, for take off

oh ok, i thought this was landing

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Depends on the runway length, but it usually flaps 30 for most runways and flaps 40 on short runways. The reason why the landing speed on the 737 is so high is that 737s like to land quite flat, or it will just fall down on the runway and of course, it depends on the weight

I’ve been flying the 737 a lot in recent weeks (Virtual Airline career mode stuff) and I’ve done my best landings at around 125kts on the -700 and around 133kts on the -900.



I try to keep a pitch of around 3º on final approach, that usually means those speeds at flaps 40

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If you’re looking for what the max speeds are for certain flap settings, here’s a website that I use: I find it super helpful in performing smooth landings.

I actually don’t look at recommended landing speeds much. I look at the AoA (angle of attack) to judge adequacy of speed for flaps, approach and landing.

But rather than look at the AoA number (which is incorrect for some aircraft), I roughly estimating the FPV’s (Flight Path Vector; small circle in the HUD view) angle from the nose mark.

Each mark on the HUD is 5 degrees. So going from the idea of the FPV, while moving closest to the nose mark during cruise; for flaps, approach and landing judgement, keep a speed that gives you maybe around a pencil width of AoA between nose and FPV.

You can vary that pencil width a bit as you gain experience.

Some aircraft handle this method a bit better than others.

I would say land 123 for 737 and 738 but 125 for 739.

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150-155 kts???

Don’t you hear the sound “too fast, too fast” in IF-A?🥹🥺

No thats at 180 kts I belive

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At max landing weight (144,000 pounds for our -800s), the flaps 30 (degrees) Vref is 150. We usually add 5 knots to that to produce a “target speed” of 155 knots. So your numbers are pretty accurate. Touchdown will normally occur at a speed less than target.

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Landing speed is 145-150 knots