Landing speed

Are all jet engine middle and large airplanes in IF set the best forward speed when its landing as 150 knots? ( like A320, B737, A330, B777 etc… )

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For a 737 typical speed is around 137kts

every aircraft has its own Landing Speed that depends on the Load.

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Check out

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The A320 and A380 is around 150kts normally

150 is fast for the A320.

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yeah i typically land the A320 betweet 130knt and 140knt

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Y’all can say an estimate of speed but it won’t be accurate because the V speeds all depend on an aircrafts weight, runway length, and other properties

I heard that 150 is roughly a normally takeoff speed for the A320 and A380. This was from a Qantas A380 Captain and ex A320 pilot.

that sounds like an verry heavy A320 @anon70772274

It depends on weight and airport elevation I noticed the higher the elevation the higher landing speed for example HAAB is about 5000-7000ft and I typically come in at about 155kts in airports like that but a typical landing speed for an aircraft like the A320 would be 125kts - 140kts plus. Depending on weight and airport elevation

This thread is about landing speed though.

For an A32X family the Vref (or Vls in Airbus lingo) is based off weight and I just happen to have a chart here. If you use these speeds for your weight and then add in the approach correction of Vls + 5kt + 1/3 Headwind component you get to Vapp which the A32X family in IF flies very nicely down the glideslope at. These speeds have improved mine and many other virtualBlue pilots’ landings.


Can we get it in metric tonnes/kg?
99% of the world use the metric system.

Jk. Thanks, good info!

Here are some more documents for Vref for other aircraft:
Note: The documents may vary for what system they use (Kgs or Lbs).

Here’s the link to the document posted by @FBWFTW:

All these speeds have been tested and work with their respective aircraft in IF

I got the 77W takeoff speeds here and more speeds for the MD11/DC10 I just gotta Dropbox the links.
FPPM (pics are of speeds)

Takeoff for MD11


787-9 Both Sets of speeds

737-800 FCOM

MD11 better link:

I usually aim for 140 knots as a rough guide but it varies depending on aircraft and load

Sure you can. Divide the lbs by 2.205 and you’ll be all set.

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All depends on the aircraft and your load weight.

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