Landing Speed.

If you are on final, follow the ILS and your descent will be on a 3° slope. Usually at the ILS cone you need to be fully configured for landing, IE full flaps and gear down.

On normal load on A380, I land at 140kts, full flaps no trim. Flares and lands smoothly.


I’ve got this bookmarked, it’s a handy guide to landing speeds etc

I suggest you look up for your own landing speeds. Depending on the aircraft´s weight, you´ll get different landing speeds.

I know that and I’m happy that @Kilt_McHaggis ’ chart is accurate. I’ve also looked up Boeing’s own charts and they seem to corroborate what he’s saying. Someone on the PPRUNE forum who seems to know what they’re talking about has said that approach speeds for a 777 under a full load would be at most 164kts and this reduces depending on flaps settings and weight load.

I normally set my approach with the A330-300 as follows:
190 KTS in the pattern with flaps set to 1+F
180 KTS with flaps 2
170 KTS with flaps 3 and
140 KTS at full flaps, for final approach descent
Touchdown at 135 KTS will assure you contact with the main gear first and allows rudder compensation for lateral wind, if necessary.
I’ve got good results so far. I hope this helps.

Happy landings!


I land the 777 at around 145 with 10 trim

Here’s the B77W (the fastest of the three): 777-300ER flaps configuration

Trim has nothing to do with the landing speed.

Who said it affected landing speed?

My conclusion as he included that info in his answer.

He used trim to not pull his device towards his stomach.

Nah… +10% is almost nothing.

I need to use 50%, 10% is too low.

A330 and 777 i say around 140 maybe 150. For the A380 i would say 135 or 140

A380 is definitely not 150 kts, more like 135 kts.

@Aernout can give some facts about this…

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Thanks for all the replys and the knowledge, appreciate alot

Like 120knts full flap trim +50% just before MLW

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