Landing Speed Question

Its normal that for such as a Big plane like the B77W or the 788 the landing speed is only 130kts at 25% load? Compared to an A320 which his final speed its around 140kts.
I have watched the DeerCrusher’s guide to the New 777 Family so Im kinda confused…

I normally land the A320/737s at 135kts, while the big ones between 145 and 155

I am not sure if that is correct though

Never 130 kts for the 77W and the 787. I always land at a minimum speed of 145 for those bois.

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Use this topic below to help!

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Love using the boi term

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I have checked that already, If you focus in The New 777 Family guide made by DeerCrusher It says 25% load 130kts final approach speed

Which is something I think is wrong. 777s approach in the 140s and 150s, especially the -300. I don’t know why this isn’t the case in IF

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