Landing Speed Calculator

Hi any here use an vSpeed Calculator for takeoff and landing? is there an app that i can download? Im using an android device…


IF-A has a V-speed calculator. That’s the only one I know of though.

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But with the 737, a quick tip is to add 100 to the weight. For example, if you are 40 tons, your Vr will be 140kts. they only have like 4 planes tho,


Well IF-A is a paid app but thanks for the advice…

I hope they will add more aircraft soon

I feel like landing speed is sort of something that depends on the pilot, and the conditions that are presented. Like I might be comfortable landing a 320 at 135 knots, while maybe you feel comfortable at 120. It really is just personal preference, as long as you are able to flare without climbing.

If you want the V speeds and passenger announcements, all you have to do is pay for the app. Everything else is $4.99 USD. I paid for everything though, and it’s worth it.

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I see. Ill try that…

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I see… but think i still need to consider the wind

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IF-A only has V1, V2, and VR. It doesn’t have Vref/Vapp. For those, you need to look up performance data/flight manuals from Google. I have found a few, If you want to PM me, but many I am unable to find, such as Airbus, where all of the aircraft calculate it themselves.

There are other functions that are free for IF-A, but I don’t know off the top off my head. If you’d like more info, I suggest you see this topic:

Thank you.

If you buy the IF Assistant you only get V speed calculator, gear spoiler flaps callouts, speed warnings and 80 knots callout, as well as shaky cam. You don’t get passenger announcements :(.

However I have bought all of the in apps and I love it. Definitely recommend it. If I were you I would get the app only and use it and if you like it and want even more then get some (or all) of the extras.

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I agree. In my opinion, IF Assistant is the best third party app there is. I never had a problem with it, the developer is very nice, and the add-one that I have purchased work great! Definitely worth 4.99 if you’re interested.

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If you fly the 777 there is a free app called TOPER777 on the play store. I use it all the time.


TOPER777 is not on the App Store for iOS, however.

Very inexpensive, but yes it is a paid app.

Wait what’s this I hear about passenger announcements?

I never calculate the landing speed.

I use to calculate my weight so I know it’s normal and then I Just slow down slowly and apply flaps where necessary.

So if I’m on final, lined up with the runway and I’m at 145kts and the plane is pitching forward with no flare, I know to slow down a bit more and vise versa. After doing it so many time you just get the hang of how fast or slow the plane needs to be.

As a rule of thumb for me though, I try to have the aircraft pitching up slightly as it’s easier to flare and looks more realistic. So whatever speed puts the plane in that position I know will work.