Landing speed 777F

Does it seem normal with a load of 87% the 777-200F had to land at 180kts?

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No, that’s rather fast. Isn’t 87% load above MLW hence you shouldn’t be landing in the first place?

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I know. I wanted to see the bad visibility at LAX. I didn’t care to check weight. On a longer flight I would check fuel n such

180 doesn’t seem all together irrational for that weight but that’s a good way to cook your breaks.

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Yea actually thinking about it. That makes sense. Cause I’m super heavy

with all due respect but with that story now, your question seems pretty stupid, no hard feelings bro, but when you land with that amount of weight and not caring, yeah than 180kts is what you need to come close to a stable landing. again not trying to be rude but…yeah its kinda what you can expect when you’re landing with over 300.000kg of load

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