landing speed 200 knots! 4 knots faster!

feeling challenged :/

Is this map like still under development? Lol the beige paths…

Maybe the next update it will be finished…lol

The Shuttle needs more visibilty. Well done!

That’s what the airport is like IRL. They are dry lake beds used as runways

@Audifacy_Davis_ How did you do this with the a320 instead of the Shuttle?


Ah I see, thanks for the enlightenment!!

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He did it with life hacks

Lol thats not true

Not just an a320 you can do it with any aircraft.i did it with 747 too

That doesn’t answer the question

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Seems you really want the answer…so here it is
1.if you have downloaded the shuttle this can’t happen
2.well if you haven’t just select the shuttle and fly
3.a message will appear asking you to updated the plane
4.well go choose another aircraft of your choice and fly
N/B after selecting any other aircraft make sure there is no wordings below the region icon
now this is what i call ;)
Happy landings lol