Landing Smoke?

image This was posted on Facebook last December, its already September, which isn’t exactly “early” 2015.


Hopefully this will come out this update, I thought it would have been out with the last update. I wonder if the smoke will vary on how you touchdown, or it will always be the same

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You can’t possibly be complaining are you? I feel as if you don’t appreciate fine work… fine work which takes time, the last two updates have been amazing with VERY FEW bugs. That takes monumental effort, testing to that point. As far as I’m concerned, the more people similar to yourself who complain about update times don’t deserve them at all. But hey, who am I to judge.

I’m not necessarily complaining, just wondering why we haven’t heard anything about this.

They reportedly ran into issues with landing smoke so have held off on releasing it.

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Possibly coming out later this year - early 2016
I hope

Oh please. He was just commenting on the irony of the post, and as usual someone has to blow it out of proportion.

@Swang007 @Aernout

Please use the search function next time, then you would have find the next update from Philippe 3 weeks ago.


So please give it some time :)