Landing short final

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Operating system: iOS 15.5
How do you keep from descending too fast when on short final?

Hello, to answer your question I would reccomend adjusting your trim, making sure you have full flaps, and following the glide slope on the ILS.

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Trim can always be helpful! I usually try to approach the runway at ~140kts but this can vary depending on the type of aircraft. And don’t be afraid to use the HUD while you’re landing, because it can be really helpful to determine where your aircraft is headed

Do you mean that your descent rate increases more than expected on your turn to final?

A turn in direction is accomplished by tilting the lift enough sideways to turn the aircraft’s direction.

So the remaining lift in the vertical direction drops below aircraft weight (you’re stealing from vertical lift to make the turn).

And that accelerates your vertical speed into causing a steeper descent.

To prevent the steeper descent you need more total lift: pull back more on your pitch, which increases your AoA (angle of attack).

Increasing AoA is how you increase lift to make enough for weight plus the turn.

But increasing AoA also increases drag, so you may need more engine power as well as back pressure.

Calibrate your device before landing/takeoff, and trim always is very helpful

(edit: btw, if you’re talking about solo mode short final, it is definitely too short without being stabilized. Only thing you can do is add full power immediately while pulling up just enough, then reduce power before speed gets too much…and it’s still a challenge)

Another issue could be: everyone has a different short final distance that is different based on experience and practice.

It might be useful to find what is your own personal minimum short final distance where you can still maintain good control for landing.

A lot of things have to get stabilized in the time you have between ending the turn and touch down.

Study one’s own safety margin, I guess I might say.

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