Landing score!

If you guys don’t use LiveFlight Connect i think you should!

Everyone else who does use it comment bellow with your best landing score. I did a flight with it today and got this and i was fairly impressed so show me what you can do !

Show me your screen shot and see if you can get better!

to get this head over to LiveFlight and download LiveFlight Connect and then open the application and done!


My record is -14fpm ;)


damn thats butter !


My record is -34ftm in a 737-700

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I’ve never seen this feature. How do I get to it?

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It’s called ‘LiveFlight Connect’, you have to download it on your PC. :D

Once in a TBM, I had -9 fpm. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to recreate it and I don’t have a screenshot.


now i want to be in that flight aha !

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I didn’t even know I landed!

Today I flew with Ryanair to Ibiza, I fly as realistic as possible, so I did a -900 fpm :)


classic aha

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It’s quite hard to do a Ryanair landing, jk


@Mika Thanks!

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A few months ago, sometime in June this year, upon landing at RJBB after a long 11h flight from Frankfurt in a 747-400, I landed it at around -10fpm.

I have yet to land that smoothly in a B747 again…

Other than that, the past 10-15 of my B777 and B787 landings have all been well below -30fpm.
I call that a textbook landing ;)


After a long haul like that and a landing like than you know your day just going to get better !

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For me, there is no such thing as a “Best Landing”, because I am pretty terrible at it, even worse than @RTG113!

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Yes Sir. It was a beautiful approach with a silk smooth touchdown ;)


making me just jealous now aha

My best would have to be -20fpm in an Air Canada dreamliner in LSGG. My usual landings are between -90 and -130fpm.

Practice, it does pay off. I nowadays fly the A320 a lot more often around Europe hoping to hit below -20fpm.

So far I’ve got it at -21fpm twice but not more than that.

So it’s not all golden landings with all types of aircraft yet…