Landing RWY 10 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti ( MTPP )

This is also part of the landing in the primary/most known airports in each Latin Country, at first I actually wasn’t going to add Haiti 🇭🇹 in this due to them being a lot different to the others especially with their languages it’s so weird that a Latin country would speak Haitian Creole compared to the common Spanish or Portuguese but they do also speak French which makes a lot more sense but since this was the odd one out and the fact that it is also in the middle in terms of population it would be the perfect divider between parts 1 and 2 I also decided to use a special livery for this one, the astrojet but with that out of the way enjoy the shots 📸

Approaching RWY 10

Ground view touchdown!

Bottom touchdown!

Birds Eye view 👀🦅


Awesome screenshots!