Landing runway

Why I always landing out of runway or edge of runway despite change from gps to nav1 with my runway selected, can anybody help me, thanks


The problem could be that you’re connecting to the ILS too late. You can watch an ILS landing tutorial here:

Using Nav1 for ILS is never right on runway center, you need to manual come in on the ILS to be center, I like to disconnect NAV1 around 5nm away or halfway down the cone

Although auto land is great, I prefer to manually fly the landing almost 100 percent of the time. If you want to stay aligned with the runway on final click on the airport and go to runways and set nav1 on your landing runway and use the guidance on the right to stay at the right altitude while manually flying. You can also use LNAV by itself to keep your plane from going off course but you can still alter your altitude and speed because you are manually flying. Once you reach the cones disconnect the autopilot and butter your landing :)

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You have a good question, but I want to make sure what mean by

For example, do you mean right/left or start/end of the runway, or perhaps even both?

Maybe because of crosswind or you enabled ILS too late?

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