Landing Runway Osaka RJOO

Please correct me if I am incorrect but I think that at RJOO only runway 32L and 32R are used for landings because there are only arrival procedures for these two runways. But the current ATC wants you to land on 14L and 14R isn’t that a little bit unrealistic?

Some runways don’t have set or published arrival procedures. If the controller wants you to go for that runway follow their pattern entry instruction and navigate it as you would before 20.1 with only a tower freq open. You may not always get arrival procedures depending what runways or airports you want to fly to.


There is a visual approach to RWY14R but it’s done in a traffic pattern like the approach in RJFF 34

Just out of interest, what server was this?

Hey, this is the Expert Server @Liam06 :)

Oh interesting. I’d say just follow what @infiniteflight_17 said

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